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Unpublished Works

Dr. Andrew Mullei has authored and presented papers in international conferences on topical issues including the following: "Nature, causes and consequences of Corruption" Paper presented at Private Sector Stakeholder Consultation on An Anti-Corruption Strategy for Kenya, (Nairobi, Kenya, October 17, 2000). "Issues and Conditions for Successful Privatization of Public Enterprises in Kenya" Paper presented at the Institute of Economic Affairs and the African Academy of Sciences Seminar on Privatization in Kenya, (Nairobi, Kenya, July 2000). "Capacity Building Strategies for Reform in Sub-Saharan Africa."  Paper presented at the EAGER Workshop on Economic Analysis for Policy Reform in Africa, (Washington DC, USA, July 17-19, 1996) "Self-Promotion in Social and Human Development."  Paper presented at the Workshop of the Centre for Governance and Development on The Correlation Between Development Aid, Human Rights and Democracy, (Nairobi, Kenya, April 11-12, 1996). "The Case for Effective Policy Analysis with Diagnostic Reference to Kenya."  Paper presented to ACBF seminar on Effective Implementation of Policies for Growth and Development in Africa, (Kampala, Uganda, January 23-25, 1995)

Andrew K. Mullei, PhD