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Brief History

Dr Andrew Kavulya Mullei, a citizen of Kenya, was born in 1939 and grew up at Kalamani village in Mutitu Location of Mbooni West District in Kenya. He attended Mutitu Primary School in1947,transferred to Karura Intermediate School in 1952 and proceeded to Uganda in 1954 for hissecondary education at Bugema Missionary College. He received his Senior School Diplomaand a University of Cambridge Overseas School Certificate A in 1958. After graduating from High School, he worked for two years (1959 and 1960) as sales representative for Sterling
Winthrop International in Nairobi.


Dr Mullei went to Prague for his university education in 1961 and left to join the University of
Erlangen Nurnberg in 1962. He transferred to the University of Munich in 1963 where he
obtained the equivalent of a first degree in 1967. He moved to Howard University in 1968 to
study for a Masters degree in economics which he received in 1969. He then went to Illinois in
1970 to study for a PhD in economics at Northern Illinois University which he was awarded in
1973. Dr Mullei was a Rockefeller Scholar from 1970 to 1973 and Otto benecke Scholar from
1963 to 1967.


Dr Mullei was appointed Chairman of Sofgen Africa Limited in 2011, Chairman of Kenya Seed
Company in 2010 and served as Governor of the Central Bank of Kenya from 2003 to 2007;
Regional Director for Africa at the International Centre for Economic Growth in San Francisco
from 1992 to 2000; Director General of the African Centre for Monetary Studies in Dakar
Senegal from 1987 to 1992; Economic Advisor at the International Monetary Fund in
Washington D.C from 1978 to 1981;Trade Policy advisor at the United Nations Economic
Commission for Africa in Addis Ababa from 1977 to 1978; Executive Director for the African
Centre for Economic Growth in Nairobi from 2000 to 2003.and Director of Research, Counselor
to the Governor and Secretary to the Board of the Central Bank of Kenya from 1981 to 1987.


Dr Mullei was privileged to serve in Boards and Committees of many organizations at home and abroad including the Scientific Advisory Committee of the United Nations Initiative on Regional Integration, the Expert Group of Advisors for the Non-aligned Movement on External Debt, the Editorial Board of the African Review of Money, Finance and Banking, the Kenya National Economic and Social Council, the Kenya National Anti-Corruption Advisory Committee and the Advisory Committee of the African Economic Research Consortium. He was also a member of the Board of Directors of the K-Rep Bank, the Institute of Public Policy Analysis and Research, and the Kenya Gatsby Charitable Trust.

Andrew K. Mullei, PhD